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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Return Leaked by Vegeta Voice Actor

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We now know that “Dragon Ball Super” might return sometime in the near future thanks to a cryptic tweet sent out by one of the series most iconic voices. 

Ryo Horikawa, the man who’s voiced Vegeta since the character’s first appearance on “Dragon Ball Z” in 1989 recently tweeted out that he was meeting with Toei for something Dragon Ball related. He did not tag the Dragon Ball Super twitter, but did hashtag Dragon Ball leading prominent DB vlogger Geekdom101 to believe that there might be either an anime or a movie coming soon. 

“I had a meeting with Toei Animation just before. I [won’t] tell you the contents,” read an English translation of Horikawa’s tweet. 

Although he didn’t explicitly say it was for Dragon Ball, he did hashtag the name Vegeta, Dragon Ball, and Toei, hinting at him voicing the character once again. 

Previous rumors pointed to a possible July 2019 return of the Super anime, however, nothing was announced or released around that time by Toei. Now it seems that something might finally be in the works based on Horikawa’s non-cryptic, surprisingly revealing tweet. 

Geekdom also debunked the possibility of this being for a Dragon Ball Heroes episode. 

“It is not [for Heroes],” said Geekdom in his video covering the topic. “Dragon Ball Heroes is produced by Bandai. Even though Toei animation is involved, it is a Bandai product. It’s a promo anime. This is something new. It could be new episodes of Super coming soon. It could be a new movie. Again, we don’t know. But things are moving.” 

The last Dragon Ball animation to be released was “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” in December of last year. The film fared well at the box office both in Japan and overseas so it’s likely that Toei might want to follow up its success with another movie. 

There are also rumors of a live action Dragon Ball movie that will be produced by Disney. Hopefully, if those rumors are true, we’ll get something better than the the abortion of a film that was “Dragon Ball Evolution.”  

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