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Charlemagne tha God Calls Frank Ocean Biggest Flop of the Decade

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Charlemagne tha God believes that Frank Ocean’s music career was one of the biggest flops of last decade and he shared this opinion with Joe Budden during their Pull Up Episode titled Decade Wrap Up. 

Pull Up Decade Wrap Up

Budden attempted to award Frank Ocean with one of the biggest moments of the decade for his contractual maneuvering with Def Jam and Apple where he cheated the former company out of millions. 

Charlemagne turned the tables at the 1:17 mark and called to an earlier segment of the show where they discussed some of the decade’s biggest flops and told Joe that Frank should have been included in that list. 

“Y’all need to put Frank Ocean on flops of the decade,” said Charlemagne to a surprisingly perplexed Joe who has been super critical of Ocean’s music on his podcast in the past. “Frank was supposed to be that guy. We supposed to be looking at Frank in the way that we look at [Beyonce and Rihanna]. He supposed to be one of those top tier individuals. Something happened.” 

“I think Channel Orange was Frank’s moment,” Charlemagne continued. “And then we were waiting for stuff after Channel Orange and to me I didn’t see it grow from Channel Orange.” 

Joe chimed in after by stating that he agreed that Ocean’s music got really “bad” after that particular project while giving props to his debut mixtape “Nostalgia, Ultra.” 

To this day, Ocean maintains a rabid cult following that was strong enough to boo Drake off stage during his appearance at the Odd Future Camp Flog Naw Festival at the end of last year. He’s also enjoyed success with his two critically acclaimed albums “Channel Orange” and “Blonde.” 

Ocean chooses to stay out of the limelight by not doing any interviews. However, at the beginning of the decade it seemed like he was being pushed to become a superstar in the vain of some of the people Charlemagne spoke about. He was even featured on songs with Beyonce and Jay-Z before his first album ever was released. 

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