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Joe Budden Podcast Rumored to Have Turned Down $10 Million

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Joe Budden confessed to battle rapper Math Hoffa that he and his podcast partners Mal and Rory turned down a $10 Million deal before signing with Spotify in 2018.

The retired rapper appeared on Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion Podcast where he divulged details on his career moves, relationships, and why he decided not to rap anymore. 

Budden claimed that securing the right deal for his Podcast was never about the money since he had been doing it for free for 3 years. 

“If you walk in and you put your nuts on the table and you believe in your sh*t, then you’re going to stand in the belief of your sh*t. And it don’t really mean nothing to me to say no to the $10 million deal. Because I’ve never had $10 million. I have zero idea what I’m missing when I don’t close the $10 million deal,” said Budden. 

“I’m never taking $10 million, although I would like $10 million. I can’t tell other people how to go about their business. That’s a ballsy move. I’m a great poker player. Everybody’s not,” he continued. 

This deal could have been put on the table by Bar Stool who Budden was reportedly in talks with shortly before the Spotify deal happened. He also told Math that Gillie tha King went on to sign with them and congratulated him on the feat. 

Budden went on to explain that he was able to “build stock” in his brand by holding out on a deal for 3 years. 

Turning down the initial $10 million deal is “working out” for the rapper according to his latest observations with the JBP being the most streamed podcast on Spotify for 2019.

He also discussed how he came to the decision to go with the streaming service. 

“None of the decisions we make are finance based. It just so happens that finances come with it. My meetings [with Spotify concentrated on] how does this feel? Do we have common goals? Are we aligned? Are we trying to go to the same place and in a year am I going to feel like walking in here and shooting this whole sh*t up,” he said. 

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