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Do the Most Stuf Oreos Have Too Much Creme?

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Most Stuf Oreos Are Rare!

I visited my local grocery store around five months ago and saw boxes of limited edition Most Stuf Oreos which contain the classic cookie with two times the amount of creme as the Double Stuf. 

That’s right! These Oreos are intimidating and surprisingly fill an entire row in a box with just seven cookies. When you first open up a box of these all that you see is cream and it might be just a little too much of it.

Look at the Stuffing!

Back to my story. So I mistakenly left the supermarket without buying them and figured I’d return later and pick up a box. But when I got back there were none to be had. And the limited edition version didn’t return to stores until recently. 

I Finally Found Them!

So while I was shopping this past Saturday I was elated when I saw a box of these rare treats at the store and purchased them immediately. I was so excited because I was finally able to try an Oreo that had more cream than any other before it. None of my friends and family have ever had it before and that also made me feel special. 

So I bet you want to know the verdict on this cookie!

The Verdict

If you like Double Stuf, or lots of creme in general then this cookie might appeal to you at first. But honestly speaking the cream totally overpowers the chocolate cookie. 

When you bite into the Most Stuf version your cookie will easily fall apart and that’s disappointing. The creme taste also dominates. I enjoyed the extra creme, but definitely see this as more of a novelty and not an Oreo that I’d put into regular rotation. 

The Double Stuf version has become the norm for me so regular old school Oreos just don’t have enough creme for me anymore.

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My Favorite Oreo Flavors

I also like some of the flavors that came out in the late 2000s including the chocolate and the peanut butter version. However, the Reese’s Oreos which combine both of these flavors were disappointing.

I’m not a fan of the thin Oreos and I’m not much of a red velvet and cake batter guy so I steer clear of some of the more exotic flavors. 

Overall, the Most Stuf appeal to me more than the flavors but don’t dip in milk well and fall apart too easily. If you’re looking for an adventure and can find Most Stuf I recommend trying them. But I doubt that these will be introduced to the company’s main line of cookies. 

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