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Nespresso Vertuo Review: An Inexpensive Alternative for Gourmet Coffee

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When we received the Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker for our bridal shower, my wife and I were super excited about the ability to make quality espresso in our new home, but this machine truly does so much more. 

Makes many different sizes

The Vertuo, unlike the Nespresso espresso maker, takes on the task of making several different sized cups of coffee including a single-shot espresso (1.35 fl oz), double-shot (2.70 fl oz), mug (7.7 fl oz), gran lungo (5.07 fl oz), and an Alto (14 fl oz). In Starbucks terms this would be large and small espressos, and large americanos, and expresso for all my people who mispronounce words purposely like me. 

It’s very easy to use

The Vertuo is fairly easy to use, and unlike the popular Keurig machines, the size of the cup is determined by the actual pod and not the buttons on the machine itself.

The Vertuo comes with a kit of various capsules ranging from single espresso to alto that are great for getting your feet wet with the machine. 

Make sure you clean it correctly

The machine only has one button that basically controls everything. When you first turn on the machine you need to wait for the button to be lit steadily. You then need to run a cleaning process by pressing it three times quickly. Once the cleaning process flushes about three cycles of water through, the machine it is ready to use. You then slide the top to open it and insert a capsule inside the brewing area. Once the pod is in, you close the lid and lock it by turning it all the way to the left. 

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I have issues…

I had trouble getting my machine to work because I wasn’t locking it properly. There’s a line that needs to line up with the handle in order for the machine to work. I kept trying to push the button without fully locking the machine and I just couldn’t get it to do anything. Anyway, most of you are probably smarter and more patient that I am so you won’t have this problem. 

So once your machine is locked, you simply insert the correct size mug based on the pod type near the spout, and push the button to get a frothy, delicious cup of coffee. 

This coffee is really strong!!

What comes out is a concentrated, highly caffeinated beverage, so if coffee keeps you awake, you might want to stay away from drinking this at night. The coffee has a creamy texture and doesn’t require milk. It has a smooth, earthy flavor and is enjoyed with just a little sugar. However, this is not your typical drip pot watery blend. Even in the bigger sizes, the Nespresso pumps out the same quality each time. 

The variety of blends and flavors for Nespresso capsules are vast so there’s definitely something for everyone here, even you decaf people. (ugh I hate decaf. What’s the point of drinking it?)


The only gripe I have with the machine is that I’d like the coffee to be a bit hotter when it comes out. Sometimes machines need to be broken in more, and that might be the case with mine. The capsules are also expensive and hard to find. They need to be ordered directly through Nespresso’s online shop or picked up at one of its brick and mortar locations. Stores like Target that carry the machines do not supply the coffee.

It’s not a Keurig Alternative

The capsules of coffee cost a little over $1 individually making them over twice the price of a typical Keurig K-Cup. If you’re a daily coffee drinker, you might want to look at this machine more as a special treat maker and use it on nice occasions, or even just a few times a week. I personally like to view it as a companion to my other coffee makers rather than an alternative. It’s also great for making lattes with its concentrated coffee that you really can’t get from a Keurig or stove top pot. 

It’s worth the money

This machine is a great buy at around $199 if you’re looking to make gourmet coffee and espresso without breaking the bank. Some of the high-end espresso machines cost upwards of $1000 and are extremely heavy and difficult to operate. The Nespresso will save you a lot of time and headaches and might even cut down your runs to Starbucks or other local, gourmet shops. I strongly recommend trying this machine. My model also came with a milk frother which I’ll touch on in my next review.

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