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Rick Ross Teases ‘Nasquiat’ Album With Nas After Years of Rumors

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Rick Ross teased the possibility of a Nas album dropped that is executively produced by him, and even revealed a proposed title for the project. 

Ross told Complex that him and Nas have had many conversations about this long rumored album and told the Queens legend that he likes “Nasquiat” as a potential title for it. He also revealed how he would approach it. 

“But just because a project like that, with me, would be all about the details. The details down to the f**king smallest, most minuscule detail when it came to production and getting mixed and all of that. So, it’s not nothing that we could just sit and agree on and really dedicate ourselves to it. But we’ve had that conversation and we left it there,” said Ross. 

He also went into the story about his proposed title. 

“Me, Nas, Snoop, we got to sit down and watch The Irishman and just discuss different things about the movie and [Scorcese]. So me and Nas, we spoke about different things and we’re always just laughing. It was actually a joke and we both laughed at it. Some kind of way, Art Basel came in and I just blurted out, “Nasquiat,” Ross continued. 

Ross first said he’d be willing to executive produce a Nas album back in 2016 when he was being interviewed by blogger Lindsey India

Fans championed the idea due to Nas’ reputation of being an amazing rapper that picks sub-par beats on a regular basis. Ross, on the other hand, is a beloved rapper based on his signature descriptive style mixed with the plethora of top instrumentals.  

The marriage of their respective styles could potentially breed something beautiful, however, Nas has yet to speak on the collaboration. 

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