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Cardi B Thinks No One Likes America

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Cardi B believes patriotism is at an all-time low in America and expressed how that might affect the U.S. going to war in a tweet earlier this week. 

“Like I was watching War documentaries. No matter how many weapons a country [has] you need people!,” said Cardi on Twitter. “How are you trying to go against a country and possibly start a war when this country lacks patriotism? I barely see people claiming they LOVE being American.” 

Cardi was likely referring to the recent conflict between the U.S. and Iran. In the tweets she also discussed her desire to serve in public office someday. 

“I think I want to be a politician. I really love government even tho I don’t agree with Government,” she wrote. 

Cardi B normally takes the side of the democrats when it comes to political issues and is a known Trump hater. She frequently displays her disdain for the current president on her social media channels. 

She’s supported Bernie Sanders for president in the past and conducted an interview with him back in August of 2019. 

Her political aspirations might not be as far-fetched as they sound at the moment considering Donald Trump’s rise from real-estate mogul, to reality T.V. star, and finally to commander and chief of the free world. 

Cardi B started out as a stripper in New York City and then elevated to reality T.V. when she became a regular on VH1s “Love and Hip-Hop.” 

The exposure from the show combined with her social media personality helped her score the attention of some important people in the music industry and she was able to capitalize on that by becoming the biggest female rapper in music during the past few years. 

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  1. Cardi B is a disgrace to our wonderful nation. She should take her disdain for the President with her and leave the United States of America


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