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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Snitching Made Him Bigger Than Ever

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When 6ix9ine first rose to prominence in late 2017, early 2018, I absolutely detested him and everything he stood for. 

To me, an avid hip-hop fan since the early 1990s, he was a kid with rainbow hair and tattoos playing the role of a gangster. But anyone with half a brain should have known the tough talk was all an act. 

When he was indicted at the end of 2018, it came as no surprise since he was basically running with gangsters, had a lot of money, and absolutely no idea what he was doing when it came to the street life. 

However, one area the kid excelled in was creating viral content. He accomplished this task by making aggressive music and constantly challenging the status quo of hip-hop. He violated J Prince’s son, beefed with Chief Keef, and even went to O Block in Chicago to rub it in his face, but nothing would compare to his latest feat that has veterans like Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill angry as hell. 

6ix9ine did the unthinkable in hip-hop by snitching out all of the street guys he ran with, coming home, and making the same gangster music he made before he left. And guess what? It’s arguably more successful than it was before he was indicted which goes to show that no one ever liked this kid for his authenticity as a thug.

6ix9ine is the ultimate antagonist and he is trolling the entire hip-hop community at a level I bet he never thought he could achieve. The silent gangster image upheld by legends like Jay-Z no longer appeals to a younger crowd that lives on Fortnite and Instagram. 

These kids aren’t in the streets trying to be real. They are online pretending to shoot up people and 6ix9ine is the perfect soundtrack for them.

Gooba” isn’t quite Jay-Z’s “The Ruler’s Back” or Nas’s “Ether” which rightly returned former kings to the NY throne. But it is telling of what is valued by the masses in today’s climate. 

Hip-hop no longer treasures the gangster that has mastered the streets and airwaves, but it now crowns a troll who commands Instagram as king. Millions of kids will mimic that tactic and further sink the genre’s integrity. 

And despite the old heads of hip-hop knocking 6ix9ine constantly, there’s still some high-up record executives pumping tons of money into him.

Those business men only care about the bottom line and 6ix9ine, even dead, will bring them major profits.

With all of the recent circumstances, 6ix9ine’s troll image has been perfected. Everyone now knows exactly what he is, and either love or hate him for it. But based on the numbers, there’s more love than hate. 

And with all the monotone sounding garbage being shoved down our throats by the industry, 6ix9ine’s trolling ways and aggressive tone is a breath of fresh air. I don’t compare him to the greats, or even to the goods of this generation and vibe rappers, but he has a certain “it” factor that people can’t help but gravitate towards.

He’s like the savior for these kids that live on Instagram and Tik Tok in the same way that Biggie was the hero for New York who dominated MTV and Hot 97 after the West Coast held the title for so long. 

6ix9ine took back social media in just one day from other artists that were working for years at growing their fanbases.

Some pundits believe people just want to see a car wreck and that’s what’s driving the attention to this young man, but people love the music. If you head to Tik Tok almost every single post includes his new song “Gooba.”

There’s also a plethora of posts that show people going from hating to loving the song in a matter of seconds. The music might not be super lyrical and deep, but there’s an energy that comes from it that can’t be denied.

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