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Biggie ‘Teared Up’ When He Heard Tupac Was Shot in Vegas, Says Lil Cease

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Lil Cease, a close friend of the Notorious B.I.G.’s, revealed that the late rapper shed tears after hearing about the tragic shooting in Vegas the ultimately took Tupac Shakur’s life. 

“He teared up,” said Lil Cease in a recent Vlad TV interview. “We had the big screen TV and that sh*t came up and I called him downstairs. And he just sat there and just stared at the TV for like 5 minutes and put his head down.” 

Despite their feud, which lasted until the time of Tupac’s death, Biggie mourned over the loss of his former friend that he never had the opportunity to patch things up with. 

“Imagine that,” Cease continued. “Having a bond with somebody and being cool with somebody and then ya’ll have a falling out and then something happened to him and you don’t get a chance to fix that situation.” 

Biggie and Tupac started out in the industry as friends, but their relationship soured after Tupac was shot at Quad Studios in New York City back in 1995. Biggie was recording there at the time and Tupac believed that his friend could have done more to stop it. 

Lil Cease ultimately believes the two would have squashed their beef based on the conversations both rappers were having with their respective camps shortly before Tupac’s death in September 1996. 

“When I talked to the Outlawz, they always tell me the story when [2Pac] was in Vegas, before he was about to leave, they told me that he said when he gets back to L.A. he was going to fix everything with BIG. This is what the Outlawz told me,” said Cease. 

The Outlawz back up this claim in a 2017 interview with Sway in the Morning. 

“One of the last things [2pac] told us was, ‘Yo, this shit with Biggie is over. I’m done with it. I’m wiping my hands with it after the [Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory album released as Makaveli], I ain’t even speaking on that no more. Cause at the end of the day, Big is my brother.’ He actually said that,” said E.D.I. Mean of The Outlawz.

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