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Kanye West to Replace Shamed Comedian John Crist at Christian Youth Conference

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Kanye West will take shamed Christian comedian John Crist’s place at a prominent faith-based youth conference in January. 

The annual Strength to Stand Student Bible conference removed Crist last month after multiple women stepped forward and accused the comedian of sexual misconduct in a report published by Charisma

The conference’s leader, Scott Dawson, needed a replacement fast and recruited the rapper on a whim, according to a Fox News report. 

Dawson was surprised that West even picked up his calls and later said their exchange and agreement to work together “a GOD moment” on Twitter. He also attempted to co-sign Kanye’s newfound Christian faith. 

“I realized that, although this is a worldwide megastar, he was a brother in Christ,” said Dawson to Fox. “He told me his testimony. He told me his struggles, what he was still going through. He said he’s been delivered, but he’s on a growth journey with Jesus.” 

Kanye is scheduled to appear at the event as a speaker, and the conference sold out pretty quick once his name was attached, according to CBN

Dawson said the decision to include Mr. West in the lineup came after much “prayer and deliberation.”

“Needless to say, the last 7 days have been a whirlwind. Thankful for Kanye being sensitive to the Spirit and lending his voice to Strength to Stand,” tweeted Dawson. 

Along with an appearance at the conference, Kanye also plans to continue his crusade by hosting a Sunday Service at Yankee Stadium this year with Pastor Joel Osteen. 

Osteen’s annual America’s Night of Hope is set for May 2, 2020 and is rumored to feature an appearance from Kanye West and his choir, according to a report from TMZ

The two first collaborated when Osteen brought Kanye to Lakewood Church for a special Sunday Service. Kanye ended up speaking at the event after his performance. 


  1. We must all focus all of our prayers on our dear President Donald Trump as he deals with this terrible hardship and witch-hunt. Kayne is a good man for standing with a man that loves our country and puts its citizens before illegal immigrants. Have a blessed day


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