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50 Cent Suggests DJ Khaled Ignored Him During a Lox Show

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These days 50 Cent’s IG is filled with shade, but before he beefed constantly on social media he had battles with people like Fat Joe, DJ Khaled and Rick Ross.

50 eventually fixed his issues with Fat Joe, and surprisingly enough attempted to mend fences with DJ Khaled, but the jolly snap chatter was reluctant to accept.

During a chance encounter at a show for The Lox and Uncle Murda, 50 claims Khaled refused to look at him when he openly greeted the Snapchat star. 

“I haven’t really had a conversation with him,” said 50 Cent in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club. “He’s one of [the people] I let him go. One night we were on a tour with the Lox and I came in the dressing room because I already talked to Jada and them. We already worked on music and stuff like that and [Khaled] was back there talking. He got a good look at my shoes when I was talking to him.”

50 went on to explain that he initially said “wassup” to Khaled who refused to look at him while the Power EP was standing in front of him. 

He also said that he doesn’t have an issue with Khaled and would be open to having a conversation with him. 

Charlemagne tha God saw the story as an opportunity to crack a joke about Khaled’s weight. 

“He didn’t see his shoes. He saw his stomach,” joked Charlemagne to 50 Cent. 

Their beef goes all the way back to 2007 when DJ Khaled made an appearance on BET’s Rap City and openly left 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Trying” out of his bag of classics because he stood for “love” and “unity.” 

On a later episode of Rap City 50 can be seen reacting to the clip with confusion and a rowdy Young Buck ends up jumping into the beef by taunting the Miami-based DJ. 

50 went on to beef with Khaled and his close associate Rick Ross. His issues with Ross were also never resolved. 

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