A New York Winery With Top Notch Cigars and Smoky Wine

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After being intoxicated with the wonders of nature we decided to grab some delicious barbecue to refill our tanks from walking for over 2 hours. 

The weather was relatively warm for the fall so outdoor seating was still a viable option when we pulled up to a local barbecue spot called Outpost BBQ located in Kerhonkson, NY. 

Outpost BBQ

As soon as you pull up to Outpost you can see the large smoker flavoring some of the delicious meats on the menu which includes brisket, pulled pork and ribs. 

Our mouths started to water immediately after taking in the aroma. 

We took a look at the menu which is posted at the top of order window and proceeded to pick out some bbq classics. 

Delicious Brisket

We both ordered the brisket, but I got mac and cheese and cornbread on the side of mine with a coke to top it off. 

The brisket was tender, smoky and really juicy. The spicy bbq sauce that came on the side was the perfect tangy compliment to the more savory meat. They also gave us a fairly large portion so between me and my wife there was enough to take home and enjoy on another day. 

The corn bread was pretty mild in terms of sweetness and the mac and cheese wasn’t as creamy as I normally like it to be, but the sides definitely sufficed. It was the perfect lunch choice after a long hike and the roadside picnic atmosphere gave us the out of the city feel we were looking for. 

Shopping was the next activity we had on our minds, and with an abundance of farms in the area we were able to find places with fresh produce and other goodies. 

Kelder Farms

We headed over to a place called Kelder farms which had a nice produce market, ice cream shop and an apple cider donut stand. We purchased some essentials including apple cider, apples, maple syrup, tomatoes, peppers and a corn bread mix. 

After shopping I ordered a root beer float and we sat at a nice overlook where the farm has picnic tables set up. The farm was relaxing, but is definitely more of a place for kids to enjoy themselves with activities like corn mazes and apple slingshots on premise. 

The long day of hiking and shopping made us ready for a mid-day nap. We headed back to our room and knocked out for a few hours. 

Our plan for the night was to find a relaxing winery for tasting. A place called Baldwin Vineyards was very close to our hotel and we decided to check it out. After all, the area around us included what’s called the wine trail so there are an abundance of vineyards.

The View

Baldwin was only 5 minutes from our hotel and was open relatively late in comparison to some of the other local vineyards. 

When we walked in we saw a sprawling lawn with people lounging at picnic tables listening to the band that was playing some early 2000s classics. 

We looked around for the entrance to the winery and found what looked like the back door. The actual indoor area was pretty empty most likely due to COVID-19 and the hot weather. It was decorated really nicely and gave us a rustic feel. 

When we got to the bar we requested a tasting. We ordered a flight which let us taste 4 wines off of their list. We went with a strawberry wine which the bartender recommended, a smoky wood cask wine, a white and a more traditional red. 

The strawberry and smoky wines were easily the best of the two so we purchased 3 bottles including 2 of the smoky ones and 1 strawberry. We planned to drink one of the smoky ones at the winery and bring the other one back home. The smoky wine is named Embers. 

I also noticed that the winery was selling a particular brand of cigars, Dos Palmas, so I decided to try one with my wine. 

Baldwin Vineyards

We took our glasses and headed outside to enjoy the beautiful stars in the night sky. 

My wife went over to the food truck and got us a meat and cheese platter since we were still pretty full after having a big bbq lunch.

Meat and Cheese

The Embers wine paired perfectly with the group of sharp cheeses and salty meats. However, the highlight of my night was the Dos Palmas cigar. 

It was such a smooth smoke with easy to produce thick clouds and a mild flavor. It was similar to a Davidoff which is one of my favorite cigars, but the Dos Palmas only cost half the price. I went back a bought a few more for home.

Winery Entrance

We polished off our food and wine relatively quickly and enjoyed a relaxing evening under God’s sky. It ended up being a perfect day.

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