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Pound Cake Ice Cream from Torico’s in Jersey City Annihilates Cake Batter Flavors

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If you ever visit NYC or New Jersey, and you’re a restaurant and dessert junkie like me, you need to check out Torico’s ice cream shop in Jersey City.

When it comes to cake flavored ice cream, cake batter is normally the standard but is a taste that if done incorrectly, comes off artificial and overly sweet. 

It is normally based off of boxed yellow cake batter frequently used for birthday cakes. However, Torico’s in Jersey City found a much better cake to adapt to ice cream which avoids some of the overly sweet flavors that often scare people like me away. 

The homemade ice cream store’s pound cake flavor is a true delight and is pretty sweet in its own right. It’s light, airy, but doesn’t have the artificial quality that is found in many cake batter flavors in places like Cold Stone. 

If you like pound cake, or any type of yellow cake for that matter, then you’ll definitely appreciate this artisan ice cream that uses the right logic when attempting to adapt different foods to the dessert genre. 

The pound cake flavor seems like it has a vanilla base with a hint of cake taste that is mild but still flavorful enough to keep you shoveling it into your mouth. 

The texture is also quite creamy, but not too fatty. It’s definitely lighter than a Haagen-Daz or Ben and Jerry’s, and less exaggerated than Cold Stone. I strongly recommend this flavor among the many others that are offered by the shop. 

Some of the more exotic flavors at Torico’s include Banana Peanut Butter Chunks, Pumpkin Pie, Ube, Black Sesame and Cherry Pistachio. 

As an ice cream lover, I have to appreciate this establishment’s commitment to churning out original flavors that make sense, and not just to fill a list.

I also like its choice to carve out its own path instead of mimicking some of the popular flavors found at other ice cream shops. 

If you’re ever in Jersey City I recommend paying this place a visit. 

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