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Lord Jamar on Eminem: I Don’t Have No Hate For Him

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Lord Jamar said recently that he does not want to talk about Eminem anymore.

In the past, the veteran emcee has called Eminem a guest in the house of hip-hop and also claimed that the only reason that he’s considered an all-time great is because of his skin color and the marketability that it gives him in a country that’s majority white. 

Jamar was being interviewed by Queenzflip on his QuietRoom YouTube series when he angrily told the online prankster that he wants to stop talking about Eminem. 

“To his people [what I say about him] it’s considered hate. To the stans. To the people that would like to control and dominate the narrative of hip-hop it’s considered hate to them. To me, it’s self preservation of my culture,” Jamar explained. 

“It ain’t no hate. I’m tired of talking about this dude. I don’t have no hate for him. He’s a good rapper. He’s just not my cup of tea nor is he a lot of people that I f**k with’s cup of tea.,” he continued. 

Jamar went on to explain that in order to be the G.O.A.T. in hip-hop you must be “crowned” by the black audience that created it, and in his opinion, Eminem is mostly touted by white hip-hop fans.

“It is a black and white thing because they’re only calling him the G.O.A.T. because he’s white,” said Jamar. 

Eminem has expressed his fandom for Jamar’s group Brand Nubian in the past, but he started dissing Jamar on his Kamikaze album in 2018 in response to some of the comments made during his Vlad TV interviews. 

He even took a shot at him on his surprise album Music to Be Murdered By which dropped last week calling Jamar the “weakest” member in Brand Nubian. 

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