6ix9ine’s Alleged Kidnapper Claims Rapper Staged Incident

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6ix9ine’s alleged kidnapper recently claimed that the 2018 kidnapping was “staged” by the rapper himself in a recent statement issued by his attorney Camille Cushman to Complex.

Anthony “Harv” Ellison is currently on trial for allegedly robbing and kidnapping the young Brooklyn rapper who made a name for himself trolling other artists and claiming to be a gangster. Ellison not only said the kidnapping was staged, but also explained the rapper’s motives.

“Danny [6ix9ine] didn’t care if the stunt could be taken as embarrassing, he thought it was believable,” said Ellison in the statement. “He said it would even make some people feel bad for him, which was good after all the trolling he had done. It worked, even Shotti bought it.”

Cushman questioned the government’s approach in the trial due what she called a lack of “[relying] on real evidence” in the report.

She also claimed that federal agents told him he’d be home in a matter of “weeks” if he cooperated with their story of the kidnapping being real. The government apparently is sticking with a narrative that says 6ix9ine would never do such a thing because it would tarnish his image, according to his reps.

Cushman noted that the government hasn’t been able to find any evidence that ties Ellison directly to the kidnapping.

The kidnapping story originally broke in July of 2018. TMZ stated at the time that 6ix9ine was confronted by three hooded men in his driveway after returning home from a video shoot. He was then pistol whipped until he was unconscious and thrown him into the back of their vehicle. They allegedly robbed $750,000 worth of jewelry from his home while his daughter and partner were inside. No one was hurt during the melee, according to the original TMZ report.

After robbing him, they drove off with the rapper still in the vehicle. 6ix9ine supposedly escaped by opening a door and jumping out while they were still driving.

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