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Joe Budden Hints at ‘Everyday Struggle’ Return During Rory, Mal Firing

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Joe Budden hinted at the return of ‘Everyday Struggle’ during the latest installment of ‘The Joe Budden Podcast.’ 

During the episode, where he infamously fired his long time cohosts Rory and Mal, Budden explained that his relationship with Akademiks caused a rift between him and his friends. 

“[Rory] was questioning my friendship and my character as someone that has overpaid and overprotected him because I speak to Akademiks,” Budden said. “Because I did a live with Akademiks.” 

Joe went on to explain that Rory and Mal wanted him to not speak with Akademiks who has been in a war of words with the two co-hosts during the past few months. Joe refused for various reasons, one being their history in creating what he called one of the “best” shows of all time. 

“Rory thought that our friendship was in turmoil and I didn’t view him as a friend and he couldn’t view me as a friend because I may work with Akademiks again in the future,” Budden continued. “We had a show that I think was one of the best shows ever made and we have been getting offers for that show since I left that show.” 

Joe later stated that neither he nor Akademiks needs the money for and ‘Everyday Struggle’ rehash, but he is happy with the lasting impact it’s had on the culture. 

‘Everyday Struggle’ debuted on Complex in April 2017 as a debate and industry insider show between long time rapper Joe Budden, and internet personality DJ Akademiks. By the time 2018 rolled around, Budden had left the show and was replaced by Star. 

Star’s tenure on the show didn’t last and eventually his spot was taken by Wayno. After a few years of moderate success without Budden and some internal issues with Akademiks, the show was canceled at the end of 2020. 

Budden went on to start a similar series with Revolt titled ‘State of the Culture’ which never saw the heights of ‘Everyday Struggle.’ 

Akademiks took a break from the corporate machine and has been maintaining his own channels and businesses ever since leaving the show.  

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