‘How to Make it In America’ and 5 Other Shows We Want to be Rebooted in 2022 

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One of the most trafficked articles on this site is 6 Reasons Why How to Make it in America Needs a Third Season which proves that a lot of people want to see this long canceled HBO series continue its run that was cut short in 2011.

Along with ‘How to Make it in America,’ there are a few other series that ended rather abruptly along with some that might benefit from a slight reinvention. Here’s a list of shows I’d like to see rebooted or continued in 2022. 

How to Make in America 

How to Make it in America was a beautiful series that highlighted the American dream in the greatest city in the world. What started as a spiritual successor to ‘Entourage’ evolved into a cool little show about the growing hipster/young professional movement of the early 2010s in NYC. This show documents a part of history, and as a native New Yorker, the relatability of this show was off the charts for me personally. The series also had a great cast including Kid Cudi, Bryan Greenberg, and Luis Guzman. There were a lot of storylines left hanging that we’d like to see finished. 

The Sopranos 

‘The Sopranos’ is arguably a perfect show depending on who you ask, and if it were up to me, I would have never touched it. However, its creator David Chase decided to revisit the universe with 2021’s lackluster prequel ‘The Many Saints of Newark.’ The film lacked a strong central plot and performed a lot of fan service to cover up the fact that the story that was told just wasn’t cohesive. It felt like more of a setup for a prequel series than it did an original movie. I’d describe the movie as two very slow episodes of a new show. 

I’d also love to see what happened after the death of Tony. I had this idea for a show with Meadow Soprano, who is now a politician in New York, being the main character, and having her father’s past almost derail her career. Along the way, she learns to use some of her dad’s “friends” to help her further her political aspirations. It would be a cool series that could illustrate how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It would also be interesting to see where Paulie, Patsy, Carmella, and the rest of the gang ended up after Tony’s demise.


‘Daredevil’ should have never ended.

It is not only the best Marvel series, but it’s also one of the grittiest, best choreographed, enthralling shows to ever be released. As season 3 ended we saw the villain Bullseye come into his own, and with the reintroduction of Kingpin in Hawkeye, it seems like there’s still a lot of cleaning up for Daredevil to do in Hell’s Kitchen. There’s also a ton of comics to draw storylines from, not to mention his recent appearance in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ which introduces the potential for him to crossover with some of the universe’s biggest names. Marvel might try to continue Matt Murdoch’s story through a film series, but I believe the show format suits the character more. 

Jessica Jones 

The first season of Jessica Jones was a critically acclaimed masterpiece. Killgrave was one of the most horrifying yet charming villains we had ever seen been brought to life inside the Marvel universe. The series was canceled for the same political reasons as Daredevil and I’m sure many of her biggest fans would like to see her story continue in the greater Marvel universe. 

The Spectacular Spider-Man

As much as I adore ‘Spiderman TAS,’ a show I watched religiously growing up, ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ had something that kept me going back. I believe its predecessor had its full run and was able to bring many great Marvel storylines to life, but Spectacular was cut short. We were just scratching the surface when it came to Spidey’s sagas. There have been some rumors over the years of the series returning, but instead, we’ve gotten mostly lackluster Spider-Man shows aimed at children and newbie fans of the MCU.

The Office 

The last season of The Office was not good and Michael’s forced return at the end of it was disappointing, to say the least. I’d love to see one more season with Michael Scott back at the helm to finish the show off properly. This could also lead to a possible reboot. 

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