Popeyes Chicken Sandwich vs Wendy’s Spicy Classic

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Popeyes went right for Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s jugular when introducing its now infamous chicken sandwich, but did the chicken restaurant underestimate the latter as a sleeping giant? 

The first time I ever ate a chicken sandwich consistently at a fast food establishment was at Wendy’s after ordering the Spicy Chicken the first time that I went there. They opened a Wendy’s back in 1998 near my house and I’d make weekly trips there to scarf one down with some fries and a soda. The sandwich was definitely in my top fast food list throughout my teens and early 20s. 

Then came the advent of Chick-fil-A and its chicken sandwich only policy. I enjoyed their spicy sandwich a bit more than Wendy’s and started visiting that establishment more frequently now that they had opened a few locations in Manhattan. Something about the seasoning on the Chick-fil-A sandwich gave it an edge over the competition. I also had moved on to other treats at Wendy’s including the very slept-on Spicy Chicken Go Wrap which is on the value menu and is a lot healthier than the sandwich, and even tastier at times. 

While I had switched to the wrap at Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A had my heart in the sandwich department. But that might have changed when Popeyes brought their own version out earlier this year.

I love chicken on the bone and Popeyes was one of my favorite places to grab a 3-piece and a biscuit. I knew a sandwich with that same flavor would knock it out of the park. 

I finally got to try one in September, and I must say that it was very good. The breading was on-point along with the seasoning and garnish. The sandwich comes with a sweet bun and is topped with spicy mayo. The chicken used is also meatier than what you get at Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A

It definitely had a bit more going for it than Chick-fil-A’s which I normally order spicy and plain. However, I think Chick-fil-A’s seasoning is a bit more unique and might give it the edge with flavor, but it’s hard to say. 

I didn’t think the Popeyes sandwich was good enough to stab somebody, but I’d definitely get it again depending on if I’m trying to eat healthy or not.

Even with those two battling it out, you can’t forget Wendy’s which is undoubtably the O.G. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich always comes with lettuce, tomato and mayo which compliment it perfectly. However, my issue over the years with the sandwich is its lack of spiciness to me as my tolerance has grown.

Now, it’s not like Popeyes is at ghost pepper levels, but it still edges Wendy’s out in the kick department. It also has a more crispy exterior than both of its competitors.

 If you’re a fan of the chicken sandwich in general, than definitely try out the sandwich at Popeyes. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. And If you’ve tried it already, tell me what you thought of it in the comment section. 

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