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World of Coca-Cola Was Depressing for the Right Reasons  

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Did you know that there are amazing sodas throughout the world that you’ll never get to try because companies like Coca-Cola don’t know how to market them here in the U.S.? 

A visit to World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta will make that reality very evident to you and that’s why going there was equally fun and depressing for me.

During a family trip to Atlanta this past Thanksgiving, my wife, nephew, and son decided to purchase tickets and check out World of Coca-Cola which is located in the downtown area of the city. 

world of coca-cola
world of coca-cola

I am a die-hard Coke drinker and figured that this would be a good experience for me. I am the type of person that will order iced tea if a business uses Pepsi products.

Pepsi is not a replacement for Coke in any way, shape, or form.  

Coke World functions much like a museum in that it focuses on teaching you the history of Coke and displays artifacts from the company’s past. 

The first room you enter is one full of old Coke paraphernalia and the tour guides ask you to name the oldest piece in the room. Now, I’m not going to give away which one it was, but it will definitely take you by surprise. 

world of coca-cola
world of coca-cola

After playing a guessing game you enter the main area of the building where you have the choice of touring a collection of different attractions. There’s a 3D video theater, an area where you’re taught the history of Coca-Cola, another where the bottling process is explained, one with Coke in pop culture, and a room where you can smell all of the different scents used in popular Coca-Cola products. 

world of coca-cola
world of coca-cola

If you’re a fan of the series Mad Men, you’ll enjoy the Coke in pop culture section where you can see the famous hilltop Coke commercial depicted in the show’s series finale. 

world of coca-cola
world of coca-cola

There’s also a tour where you can see the various machines and automation used by bottlers to ship coke all over the world. 

world of coca-cola
world of coca-cola

If you’re a nostalgia buff you’ll enjoy seeing all of the cans and bottles of past Coke products like the Surge drink of the 90s, Tab cola, and a boatload of Fantas that we never see here in the States. 

The 3D movie was also fun and gave us a nice break from all of the standing and walking. The plot is a bit nonsensical, but the idea is to see Coke products floating around and flying at you in 3D which is especially fun for kids visiting the museum. 

After visiting all of the different rooms, you are treated to a tasting of just about every Coke product available around the world. 

This is the part where it gets depressing because you’ll have the pleasure of trying delicious sodas that could end up never being available in the U.S. For me, it was the melon Fanta that I believe you can only get in Thailand. The flavor was refreshing and delicious and I kept going back for more. 

There was even a type of fruity soda offered by Coke that tasted like BBQ sauce. The name escapes me.

Another standout was the Russian Sprite which is similar to the version offered in the U.S. except it has celery flavor in it. My nephew really enjoyed that one. 

Strangely enough, the worst soda to try was the regular Coke because the fountains were pumping it out with no carbonation for reasons I’ll never understand.

How do you mess up Coke at Coke world? 

After drinking all of the soda you can, you exit the tour through a cool gift shop with tons of Coke products.

I picked up a nice ornament and a small toy car for my son and headed back to our car to cap off our trip.

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