COVID-19, Racism, Civil War and Making Sense of 2020

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Police, boogaloo, anarchists, Antifa, liberals, Black Lives Matter, Christians, woke church, conservatives, Trump supporters, alt-right, alt-left, panderers, activists and protesters, are all getting insane amounts of attention during these treacherous times of unrest. 

In a world where maybe two political ideologies seemed to dominate the minds of most Americans, we’ve now uncovered a plethora of world viewpoints that are starting to get a foothold in the minds of many. 

COVID-19’s economic impact and its damage to the mental health of many created the perfect powder keg for all of these groups to begin to take their frustrations out on American society. 

The main battle field, social media, where hand grenades have taken the form of memes, and bullets are the venomous words of shamers who wish to do harm with those with whom they disagree, has become a seductive cesspool and is truly displaying the worst parts of man’s nature at this time. 

It is not a place for reason nor debate. It is simply a place to shame, force-feed ideology, and share the content of influencers who make a living off of this kind of fragmented thinking. 

These influencers pose as agents of justice looking to give a a voice to the voiceless, but many of them don’t operate objectively and cannot due to the nature of their business. Still, millions find their mascots in these influencers and let them do all their thinking for them on critical issues such as race and public policy. 

Even protestant churches that claim to adhere to tenants such as Sola Scriptura feel the need to speak out in a thoughtless and shallow manner in order to save face and abandon common teachings found in scripture such as being slow to speak and quick to listen. 

Every action warrants a response from each and every sector of society and experts have been traded in for talking heads who are only speaking on a topic for relevance in today’s digital marketplace. 

There’s also no clear moral standards for the masses. Each of these groups applies their own set of rules for how society should conduct themselves and tries people mostly in the court of public opinion, despite championing the tenets of democracy with their mouths. 

Fear mongering is also rampant among all of these groups in a culture full of endless comfort and countless pleasures. This is a time of unnecessary chaos created by those unwilling to learn from their mistakes. 

I am in no way minimizing the horrific killing of George Floyd at the hands of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. I believe his death warranted a response followed by reform, but what we’re seeing in some reactions now is something much less reasonable. 

President Trump’s comments have been divisive to some and empowering to others. He’s been called one of the most racist presidents in recent history by a lot of his critics while others hang on his every word. 

Police are being attacked and harassed for the killing of Mr. Floyd. They’re also blindly praised constantly on social media and very seldom held accountable by their supporters. 

Accountability is absent in most of these groups. If people love something, they generally ignore its flaws. When navigating through the ancient scriptures, we can see that this behavior is nothing new. 

An even more alarming aspect of today’s society is the politicizing of every single issue. COVID-19, as black and white as it may seem, has become a partisan topic that foregoes progress for the sake of shaming the other side of the political aisle. 

The science community is shackled in its broken grant system which forces our most brilliant minds to cower to political parties instead of working towards the common good. Evolutionary biology professor Bret Weinstein explained the issue during a recent interview with the Joe Rogan Podcast. 

We may never receive a cure for Covid-19 due to the divisiveness and that is horrifying. 

Meanwhile, statues are being torn down, stores are being burned and looted, and peaceful protesters are probably being used to forward a movement which is not their own. The sentiment has even spread to other parts of the world where once universally praised world leaders such as Winston Churchill are being deemed racist for comments he made while he was still walking the Earth. 

This type of unrest is new to modern Americans, but other countries have been living under these kinds of conditions for thousands of years. Revolutions have toppled governments, and good intentions are often followed by tyranny from a leader looking to control the people by striking fear into their hearts. 

In my opinion, America isn’t a perfect system and has a ton of skeletons in its closet, but it has a lot of potential to be a great place for all people if it is held accountable for its wrongs and praised for its achievements. 

I’m not so sure these rebellious factions (not the protesters) on the streets agree with my sentiment. I hope they do and I really pray that they are trying to make America a better place for their children and not just burn it to the ground because they are angry. 

Order will come at some point, but at what cost? I don’t want to see any more lives taken and neither should you. 

Racism is certainly an issue that needs to be dealt with using education, legislation, investment in poor communities and accountability for police that abuse their power, but is the system designed to actually help people? It’s like we know the answers but cannot do anything to enact them due to government corruption and the system’s self-preserving nature. 

The corporate pandering being done by companies such as Quaker and HBO does nothing to address the lack of opportunities and guidance in these low-income neighborhoods. If we really care about elevating those less fortunate, we should push these companies to donate their profits to programs like job training for kids in the inner city. A lot of these name change gimmicks feel like hollow PR stunts.

Some independent journalists like Tim Pool believe this is all the precursor to a 2nd American Civil War. But I believe the war already has started. A new civil war surely wouldn’t be fought with traditional methods, but rather through deception and infiltration. America is being forced into a place where they need someone to unify the nation through either force or commonality and that’s a dangerous place to be. 

Any charismatic leader could have their way with a nation that is in complete chaos, and that’s where things might be headed. 

Donald Trump won’t save us. Joe Biden won’t save us, but God is still on His throne. He’s seen this play out over and over again in societies throughout the ages. Those in the present always think this is the worst it’s ever been until they open up a history book. 

We truly need to love, support and hear out our neighbor as much as we can in these times. If there’s a barrier of communication between us and then we need to pray that God removes it. 

If you do not subscribe to a belief in God, it is still in your best interest to support one another even if you vehemently disagree with your neighbor. The divisiveness is the root cause of this all and the lack of belief in something has made people susceptible to anything. 

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