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Every Disney Plus Marvel Show from the 90s

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Disney Plus is packed with Marvel shows from the past, and the new streaming service is expected to deliver an impressive roster of its own original content inspired by the comic book company’s creations during the next few years. 

In the meantime, you can enjoy many of the classic Marvel shows that helped to lay the groundwork for the MCU’s success. Some of which include some of the best, more critically acclaimed cartoons like “X-Men: The Animated Series” and “Spider-Man.”

But the service’s catalogue doesn’t stop there. All of Marvel’s slept on 90s cartoons are here in full force and can be enjoyed by a whole new audience. Here’s a full list of the Disney Plus Marvel Cartoon show roster from the 1990s. 

The Classics

X-Men: The Animated Series

This is the quintessential Marvel cartoon from the 1990s and frequently tops best comic book animated series lists often battling “Batman: The Animated Series” for the No.1 spot. The show covers some of the comic’s most popular story arcs including the Phoenix Saga (more accurately than any movie I might say), and Days of Future Past.

The series lasted five seasons making it one of the longest running animated shows released by Marvel. This one is not to be missed, especially since the creators are currently pitching a continuation of the series on the streaming service that will feature more of an adult tone. 


This near perfect adaptation of Spider-Man jumps the shark in its last few seasons with cheesy villains like The Spot and the pointless disappearance of Mary-Jane Watson. However, this is probably the most consistent show based on the wall-crawler, and followed a similar format to X-Men adapting popular comic storylines like the symbiote and clone sagas.

Spider-Man is one of the most heavily adapted characters with at least 7 series based on his adventures as a high-school outcast. Parker is already an adult in this series making the tone a bit more mature than some of its successors like “Spectacular Spider-Man” which was arguably the closest to surpassing this 90s gem. Either way, this Spider-Man series covers more ground and adapts more comic book arcs than any of the rest.

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Not So Classic

Spider-Man Unlimited

This show was largely forgotten in the annals of Fox Kids Saturday morning, and rightfully so. It functioned as somewhat of a loose continuation of the Spider-Man series and saw the wall crawler head to a planet called Counter-Earth where he remained its entire short run. The concept must have been “what if Spider-Man went to space to battle evil aliens.” When the show initially aired, I watched the premier and gave up by the time episode two premiered. This one might be worth watching just to see the concept, but I doubt it will hold your interest very long. 

Slept-on Series

Iron Man

This show introduced me to Tony Stark way before Robert Downey Jr. portrayed him on the big screen in 2008. The series features team-ups with heroes from the MCU like Hawkeye and Captain America, and more faithfully adapts Iron Man baddies like the Mandarin than the films did. This Iron Man even made an appearance in the Spider-Man series, despite the fact that the shows were aired on different networks. Many Marvel fans consider this roster of 90s cartoons the original MCU, and Iron Man is one of those reasons. Unfortunately, the show only lasted two seasons due to low ratings. Iron Man wasn’t nearly as popular back then as he is now. 

The Incredible Hulk 

This Hulk show also took place in this same animated Marvel universe boasting appearances from Iron Man. It debuted a few years after some of the more well-known series and featured Hulk battling against enemies like Abomination, Thunderbolt Ross, Braniac and Doctor Doom. He even ends up teaming up with his green cousin She-Hulk towards the end of the series. This show was also short-lived lasting only 2 seasons. 

Fantastic Four 

Call on the four! Fantastic Four! That was the super-catchy theme song from the first season of the show. “Fantastic Four” also tried to stay faithful to its source material and featured accurate adaptations of their battles against Galactus and Dr. Doom. It also featured an appearance from the Silver Surfer and a crossover with “The Incredible Hulk.” This show lasted just 2 seasons with a proposed third that would have adapted the story of Sue Storm’s pregnancy, and a provide different take on the Sub-Mariner who appeared in Season 1, according to one of its producers. 

Silver Surfer

“Silver Surfer” told the story of Norrin Radd, and how his life was radically transformed by Galactus when he became the force of nature’s herald. He helps Galactus continue to devour planets until he gets a wake-up call and decides to forge his own path during the show’s first season. His adventures in the series feature characters later used in the MCU including the ultimate baddie Thanos. This is the only 1990s animated series where the antagonist of what is now known as “The Infinite Saga” in the MCU plays a key role. This show had the shortest run out of all its cousins lasting just one season. It also features appearances from other characters utilized in the MCU such as the Skrulls, the Kree, Ego the Living Planent, Drax the Destroyer from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and much more. 

The Avengers: United They Stand

This was one of the first animated adaptations of The Avengers, however, core characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor were noticeably absent from the series most likely due to some contractual obligations. Captain America and Iron Man did however, make one guest appearance each and Thor appeared briefly in the opening credits. The team used in the show was based off the West Coast Avengers in the comics and consisted of Ant-Man, Wasp, Wonder Man, Tigra, Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision and Scarlet Witch. It only lasted one season did not crossover with any of the other series. 

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