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Christian Rap is ‘One of the Most Dysfunctional Communities,’ Says Ruslan

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Christian recording artist and YouTuber Ruslan pulled no punches during a recent stream when expressing his disgust with the Christian hip-hop world. 

“Christian hip-hop is, goodness, gracious, one of the most dysfunctional communities I have ever been a part of. It’s so dysfunctional that when I started getting around Christian entrepreneurs, around Christian YouTubers it was almost like, oh man this is weird,” he said. 


After the pandemic hit, Ruslan started taking a step back from music and began focusing more on his YouTube channel which has grown significantly during the past year. 

Back in December he only had around 30,000 subs, and after switching up his content to be more spiritually focused, he was able to grow his following to over 70,000. 

His criticism of the Christian hip-hop world comes off the heels of an interview of Joe Budden from Patreon’s CEO Jack Conte, where Budden, known best for his hit podcast and 2003 song “Pump It Up,” talks about his departure from music and how dysfunctional the mainstream hip-hop world was from his experience. 

Ruslan seems to have taken some cues from Budden who also put a pause on his music career to focus on his podcast and other YouTube series. 

“Wow. The way Joe Budden breaks this down was so powerful and doing it on his own terms,” Ruslan continued. 


Ruslan also used Budden’s words to answer his followers questions about his return to doing full time music. Here’s what Budden had to say.

“How could I really say that I’m about fixing it, if I’m complicit in [the industry],” said Budden. “And I’m complicit if I’m participating. I will rap again Jack. And when I do it will the art in its truest form. It will be rid of the evil. It will be rid of the politics, the nastiness, the devils. It will be rid of desperations.” 

Joe Budden

Although Ruslan seems to highlight Budden’s outlook, the former Def Jam rapper hasn’t had the best year when it comes to his podcast. He had a falling out with his cohosts Rory and Mal last month and recently brought them back for a rocky reconciliation.

He also lost out on a Drake interview which he had been hyping up for some time to NORE’s Drink Champs podcast.

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