Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Details Could be Revealed at 25th Anniversary

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Details on the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake could be divulged during the game’s upcoming 25th anniversary festivities.

Development on the polarizing title reportedly just went through a massive overhaul, according to a recent report from VGC.

The news left fans clamoring for more details on the direction of the game which seems to have strongly inspired Capcom’s latest offering, Resident Evil Village that borrowed from 4’s merchant and castle setting.

Video game writer Alex Aniel recently tweeted out that Capcom confirmed plans to host a number of Resident Evil-related events for the new game and the series 25th anniversary.

Though it is highly unlikely that we will see any footage of the remake, it is possible that we will finally get an official announcement from Capcom that it is coming.

The rumored release date for Resident Evil 4 remake is sometime in 2023. VGC’s January report revealed that Capcom pulled the third-party studio M-Two off of the project and has moved it in-house to the company’s Division 1 studio.

Development on the game has reportedly changed directions according to an inside source that also revealed M-Two was originally supposed develop the game but was relieved of a leadership role after a project review at the end of 2020.

The studio got its feet wet with last year’s Resident Evil 3 remake which launched to mixed reviews by many.

Capcom hopes to redirect the ship and create a Resident Evil 4 remake that is not only faithful to the original, but features an original and fresh take on some elements of the story, gameplay, and a revitalization of the environments that are beloved by many RE fans.

Resident Evil 4 remake is hailed as the best Resident Evil by many hardcore fans and remains Capcom’s greatest selling installment in the series to this day. The original version debuted on the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2005 and quickly became a fan favorite spawning countless ports in the years to come.

Based on its heralded past, Capcom seems to not want to repeat its mistakes from Resident Evil 3 by delivering a game that feels rushed, and leaves out content from the original that has been treasured by fans for many years.

Resident Evil 4 remake will also have to be a much longer game than any of the previous remakes in order to match the story beats of the original.

The game marked a serious jump for Capcom back in 2005 as it completely reinvented the series by moving to a more action oriented style.

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