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5 Types of Stable Careers That Could Earn You a Six-Figure Salary

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With so many types of careers to choose from these days, finding one that provides you with stability can be extremely difficult. 

We are taught to follow our dreams and aspirations but sometimes that path can leave us broke. 

Stable employment is something every American expects out of college but is not always the easiest to find. 

Budget cuts, sell-offs, and mergers often attribute to the lack of stability in certain fields. These are not factors we are taught about in college.

A company is presented to us as something very stable, while in reality most of them serve as vehicles to make a group of people rich, and they will do just about anything to get to that point.

Here are 5 types of stable careers that will help you avoid a layoff. 

Government Job 

All government jobs, whether state, federal or city-based, are funded by tax dollars, not profits. And in big cities like New York, where there is a large need for public servants, government employment remains one of the most stable options out there because layoffs are almost a non-issue. 

If you could get yourself into one of the better-paying government jobs like sanitation or court officer, you won’t have to worry too much about losing that role and you could eventually make close to $100,000 per year.

Career blogs like thebalancecareers.com listed government employment as one of the most stable career paths. Although possible, the government will rarely ever collapse like a business would in the private sector. Tax dollars will make sure that you never have to worry about things like budget cuts and bankruptcy. 


People will always need heat, hot water, and a bathroom to use, and these factors make plumbing one of the most stable fields in construction

Plumbers do not need a college education and can become licensed after 4-5 years as an apprentice. Unlike an internship, a plumbing apprenticeship will pay you a decent salary while you learn the trade. 

Also, if you live in a big city like New York you can become a plumber for the government which is almost like a double whammy. City buildings constantly need to be serviced and with that comes a high demand for plumbers who are needed desperately when a pipe bursts or a boiler breaks. 

In terms of earning, the sky is the limit for plumbers. After learning the trade, you can acquire the right set of tools and go out on your own to make a decent living. 

Medical Field

Sickness and growing old are factors that will keep the medical field one of the more lucrative and stable types of careers forever. 

Nurses, physician assistants, x-ray technicians, phlebotomists, and countless other jobs are always in high-demand, pay well and allow you enjoy years of stable employment thanks to the American healthcare system which bleeds insurance companies and government funded programs. 

The working class gets overcharged for insurance and procedures, but fortunately, those working in the medical field do reap the benefits. These high costs provide stable jobs and the demand will never go away unless people stop getting sick. 


Teachers, especially those that work for cities or townships rarely ever face layoffs or budget cuts that will directly affect their employment. At least that’s the case for the NYC and NJ area where I’m from. 

Most of the women I know including my wife, sisters and in-laws have pursued careers in education and all of them are able to make a living without the lack of stability that those of us in other fields need to deal with. 

Sure, some private schools don’t pay that well, however, they can be good stepping stones to city schools. And as long as people are being born, the demand for good teachers will never go away. 


This field, in particular, is stable in a different way. You won’t remain in one role for many years. However, the technology field will provide you with a wide selection of jobs and companies looking to interview a large number of candidates. 

Virtually every company is trying to build out their technology arm so jobs like developers, QAs and data analysts can go anywhere and find a role. 

Many tech companies are start-ups so that’s where the stability factor differs. You might only stay at a role for one year, but you can be sure that another one will pop up immediately after. Tech is one of the few places where you could book multiple interviews in one day on a regular basis.

The demand is extremely high and the starting salaries are among some of the highest. 

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