Disney Plus Issues Connecting

Disney Plus Issues Connecting Fix

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My Disney Plus free trial was having issues connecting until I employed a simple fix. 

The service was off to a slow start on the morning of Nov. 12 when I made my first login and attempted to watch “Avengers: Endgame” and the new “Mandalorians” series. I had planned my day around some amazing couch adventures until I hit the roadblock of my system having issues connecting. 

At first, my screen featured an animation with “Wreck It Ralph,” telling me this and I couldn’t decipher if it was just my buggy internet, or the service itself. I then jumped into some other apps such as Netflix and YouTube to test my WiFi connection. Those services seemed to work fine so I navigated back to Disney Plus. Keep in mind, I’m using the service on an Amazon Fire Stick

I navigated to the settings menu in my Fire Stick and reset the device. I reopened Disney Plus and I still had the same problem. I reset my Fire Stick once again and I was able to get into the system and start browsing shows. However, some of the thumbnail images for the series were missing and I wasn’t able to access Marvel at all. I simply exited the app and navigated back in and everything finally appeared. That’s when I turned on “Avengers: Endgame” and had myself a relaxing afternoon.

Disney has not issued an official fix for the login issue, but the large amounts of people utilizing the free trials could be overloading the servers and causing the lag in loading and poor caching of account data. 

The company is offering a week free to anyone who submits their email and payment information. All you need to do is open the app and sign up. But you have to be careful to cancel before your weekly trial ends or you’ll get charged. 

Disney’s currently offering a monthly payment subscription at $6.99 installments and one yearly subscription at $69.99. 

The service boasts content from various providers including Marvel, National Geographic, Fox, Pixar, Star Wars and Disney themselves. A full list of the content featured on the service can be viewed here. 

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